“Ladies and gentlemen if a black man could blush..”

- Chad Coleman (Tyreese, The walking dead)
“The most noble thing a man can do is protect a child.”

- Chad Coleman on The Talking Dead about Tyreese taking care of Judith. (via makos-lightningrod)

People fighting over their ships with Daryl and I’m just sitting here remembering all the rumors and plans of Daryl being gay/’prison gay’ that Norman and the producer discussed back in season 1. 

"You’re the kind of guy who saves babies. It’s kind of like saving an anchor when you’re stuck without a boat in the middle of the ocean. Been behind some kind of walls, right? You’re still around, but you haven’t had to get your hands dirty. I can tell. See, you’re a good guy."

"You have no idea about the things I’ve done."


Lucky Judith en We Heart It.


Baby Judith appreciation post

Look at her little hand on Chad’s arm
—and her little baby Uggs!


Rick and Judith

“Rick was feeding the baby, so she’s all good.”

- Chad — HE’S SO CUTE (via soulslookingforhome)


Darly and Carol :3 



Damn you Gareth for still looking kind of sexy while eating a leg